Our President & CEO

Kukbin Kim, President & CEO

  • Nationality : Korean
  • Born : 1971
  • Education : Master degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH).
  • Engineering Experience : Chief engineer of fatigue design and strength analyst in Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.

Engineering Experience

Engineering Experience
2012 HHI Wind Power Development Department in Green Energy Division
2011 HHI(China) Supply Chain Management for HHI China
2010 HHI Wind Power Design Department in Green Energy Division
1997 HHI Structure and Vibration Research Department in R&D Center

Major Research Achievement

Major Research Achievement
  • Ultimate Strength Design of Submarine (with Krylov Institute, Russia)
  • Development of Design Guideline for Bow Structure under Impact Loading
  • Low Cycle Fatigue Design of Skirt Structure of Moss-type LNG based on Measurement and Analysis
  • Fatigue Design of Longitudinal Stiffener Structures of VLCC under Variable Amplitude Loading
Mechanical Component
  • Strength Evaluation of Crankshaft of Ship Engine based on Fatigue Test
  • Fatigue Design and Crack Propagation Strength of Bearing Support Structures of Large Diesel Engine
  • Strength Evaluation of Stud Bolts with Sub-surface defects in Large Diesel Engine
Construction Equipment
  • Development of Fatigue Design System for Excavators
  • Development of Real-time Load Measurement and Analysis System
  • Development of Long-term Field Load Measurement System for 50ton-class Excavator
  • Integrated System of Fatigue Assessment for Welded Joints of Excavator
  • Development of Reliability Assessment System based on Accelerated Life Test
  • Reliability Assessment of 50ton Excavator based on Long-term Data

Our Introduction

Our Introduction

EGG Co., Ltd. Has performed real-time simulation-related business since 2013 based on HIL(Hardware-in-the-loop) simulation technologies with engineering and expertise. EGG technologies are applied for power systems, electroelectric devices in plant industries as maritime, energy, aerospace, etc.

EGG has a vision for No. 1 of Cyber Physical Simulation System in the world to provide high quality and reliability for customers.

Our Organization

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